My Atari 65xe Story

Purchased first Atari computer

My journey on the as an Atari 8 Bit Programmer began around close to Christmas of 1988. At that time I was still consumed with playing games on the Atari 2600, but had learned that there was a a computer for that console. When I started learning that I could design my own world on a computer screen, I was instantly hooked, saved my money, and eventually purchased my own.

Much later I found myself surfing through my public library in order to find the best computer programs in Basic and Assembly language. Needless to say I paid several library fines during those years.

Atari 8 Bit Programmer Years

One of my favorite computer stores during that time (in Barberton, Ohio) was called The Magic One Computer shop. That place had loads of computers, software, and magazines dedicated to the Atari. 

I would frequently visit the store usually once a week or so to stockpile up on Atari products, such as a disk drive, floppy disks (full of games), and so much more.

Great Information in Atari books

In those years I was actually leafing through their pile of Atari Analog Computing magazines. I was searching for issues that had good games.

I was delightful to find a lot of great information in those books which contained Basic and Assembly language source code listings in the last pages.

Rude Store Owners

Eventually the store owner came over and stated “That’s enough books. You are going to have to leave”, and escorted me out physically. That was the type of generation it was before Barnes and Noble made reading in stores a mainstream activity and respect of customers a high priority. Such is the life of an Atari 8 Bit Programmer!

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