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1702 Video Monitor

When the Atari personal computer was first launched in December of 1978, the first units shipped did not include a monitor. Rather a TV/Switch box unit was packaged with the computer which would connect to the back. It had a dial that could be set to TV when you wanted to watch television and Computer when you wanted to play on the Atari computer or in the early beginning the Atari 2600 (VCS) unit which is why the 1702 Video Monitor is ideal.

It is believed that the Atari corporation did not create the first model for their assembly line until the Atari ST was launched. However, this article will show how you can hook up a Commodore 1702 monitor just as well and get practically the same composite display.

First Commodore Monitor

The company called Commodore brought the first production model to the market around 1986. It was called the Commodore 1701, which later they created the Commodore 1702. 

This was a 13-inch color monitor for the Commodore line of computers, but fully expanded for use on other computers (such as the Atari 8-bit) that accepted a composite video input.

It included a sharp contrast compared to the monochrome monitors that were common during those days. 

On the front of the monitor is a plug in composite connection for video and audio. This is in operation when the Signal Select switch is set (see below).

It also includes a flip down panel on the front where you can adjust the tint, color, bright, contrast, h position, v hold, and volume.

Composite Monitor Connectors

On the rear unit there are separate plug connectors for composite as well, which include audio, luma, chrome.  These are the three connectors (visible as yellow (video), and red (chrome), and white (audio) used to get the display and sound working.

Below the composite connectors is an area on the 1702 monitor called Signal Select. It has a switch that can be flipped from Front or Rear, which in turn allows either the back composite to be active for display or the front, depending on which way the switch is set.

Atari Composite Audio Video RCA Phono Cable

The composite connector you can use to hook your 1702 Monitor to your Atari personal computer is called the Atari Composite Audio Video AV RCA phono TV Cable Lead. It can be used on the front or the back.

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