Atari MAC/65 Editor

Atari MAC/65 tool

In early 1982 a company known as Optimized Systems had released a new assembler, complete with a debugger in one cartridge known as the Atari MAC/65 Editor. It was developed by Stephen D. Lawrow and compatible with all the Atari 8-bit computers of that time.

There was demand at that time to introduce a better Assembly language editor, so this one was met with great acceptance and would eventually become the premiere editor whenever someone needed to write an extension program in assembly language.

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Functions of Atari MAC/65 Editor

It managed line numbers and tokenization like its predecessor. This allows the ability to track errors in your program, and even compression of source files.  It is because of these amazing tools that this assembly language editor became a very common program to use by computer programmers (as they were known at the time). I had an excellent time learning the new commands such as REN (Renumber) and  many other neat things.
The debugger was called Dunion’s Debugging Tool or DDT for short. This allowed access to an see assembly language listing in memory.

Atari Assembly Language Tools

The MAC/65 is an excellent tool for creating pretty advanced assembly language programs, utilities, and games with its ease of use. I personally recommend to use it and get an edge with your programming skills! Back in the days, I had the privilege of creating a game called Deadman.

I lost the originally disk files, but done a re-creation many years later during my early YouTube presence.